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I am at a precipice.  I've been given a gift.  The world lay at my feet.

Here in the past I've put so much pressure on myself to get things straight and be successful that I've basically caused myself to freeze with inaction.   I've racked my brain thinking of any and every new venture possible to get myself out of this job. 

My life's been falling apart for so long. 

I've been meditating nightly for the last week. 

It's so healing.  To shut your mind off and focus on your body, really listening to it and taking the time to focus on your breathing, relaxing, releasing.   

It's time for me to visualize a new future.  It's ok for me to dream but what I need right now is an actual plan. 

I'm still working on the refinishing doors plan, but still no practice doors so ugh, I'm taking that as a sign that perhaps it's not meant for me at this moment at least.  

I was in real estate for most of my life.  Commercial mainly, a small bit of residential and property management for the bulk of it.  Residential is where baby real estate agents cut their teeth.  Some stay there forever.  I quickly educated to commercial and then got pulled into management.  It was stressful, it was lucrative.

I still have my license. 

My dad bought his deceased aunt's home a while back and fixed it up.  Since my mom's death this summer we haven't messed with the home other than my dad's obsessive daily checking on it. 

I am going to list it and sell it.  With the profits, rather than subjecting them to capital gains, I'm going to take them to our county courthouse and snap up a foreclosure or two.  If for some reason that doesn't work, I'm going to find another property for us to work on.

Yes, I know there are tv shows about this and every joe blow wants to do it. 

I'm doing it for a few reasons.  I need to sell it so dad isn't just paying taxes and insurance on it to sit vacant.  Also, it could jump start a career change for me, Dad wants me to do whatever it is that will make me happy and having more time, doing something that allows me more freedom will be a start in the right direction.

Here's why I think it's the perfect time for me to do this here: 

1.  The oil patch is crashing here.  So many people I know have lost their jobs, it's so sad.  My adopted brother is about to lose his house because it's gotten so bad.  Hate to say it but it's a good time to snap up some foreclosures

2.  I know from previous experience that when financial times get tough renters become easier to find.  Hard economic times mean lower credit scores and fewer qualified buyers.  It's a great time to snap up a few rentals, maybe even start a mobile home park on a patch of land.

3.  I have a friend that works at the courthouse, she says the turnout for the sales have been very thin.  This is a poverty stricken area, people losing their jobs makes for a very ugly situation very quickly here. 

4.  The largest school anywhere near to this town lost it's accreditation.  That means that a very large 5A school will now be bussing it's kids to school here in this little town.  I need to hurry and have this little plan in place for next year. 

I was reading the school's report card that came home with my kid's report cards.  It said that 70% of the children that attend school in this district are considered at poverty or below.  I couldn't believe it was that high. 

I feel so bad for bitching and moaning about my house and missing Nordstrom while every night there are kids here going to bed without food and warmth.   

See I know I've had ideas before about what it is that I should or need to do, this is happening though.  This isn't a leap for me, this is nothing new for me, this is exactly what I want and need, it's way less stress than I deal with now, it's way less time, way more money and I already know the steps to get it done right this minute.  I'm not hesitating.  I got broker information, I've got the money to order signs and sign up with the local BOR, I'm ready to get rolling.

Universe I expect you to bless my endeavor.  I will provide low income quality housing, employment and revitalization of a community that desperately needs it. 

I will also do my best to raise the quality of life for those around me instead of hyperfocusing on my own things.  Thank you for the awareness. 




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Comments (7)

  1. RRoe

    Love it … will think about it some and then may come back with some comments. I especially like that you are focusing outside your own needs.

    January 08, 2016
  2. RRoe

    Did you enjoy being an agent before?

    January 10, 2016
  3. RRoe

    Its a small town so are there other agents? Do you know your competition?

    January 10, 2016
    1. juls

      Hi. I know everyone here. I will not be a part of the small town silliness even if that means commuting an hour each way to participate in a big boy market. Its really hilarious, its all the pretty girls from high school and they run the real estate market-dont get me wrong im friendly with all of them, but im not interested in becoming a stepford agent, lol. I loved the freedom and the money, selling isnt like work for me its just like getting to hang out with a constant parade of new people and showing them things i think are cool. I dont do residential, i mean i guess i’ll do whatever it takes, i prefer doing investment real estate, im also really good at commercial. I find rental properties, put together feasability information and then market them. I make it like real estate investing for dummies and that always appeals. What’s great about it is that i can bust ass and make a bunch of money and then take a month off if i want to-which is how up until i moved here a few years ago i’d lived my entire life. I dont have to quit my job right away, i can even still office out of our insurance agency if i want. It would be complimentary and definitely drive in business for my dad. Honestly, ive never really stopped doing real estate. Ive consistently helped friends and family buy and sell for free and ive managed the box property next door for a year for a big commercial company out of California. What im really looking to do here is invest for my dad, create a better return for him on monies that would otherwise be sitting in a bank account, a larger recurring income-not that he needs it but it matters to me that it benefits him because he is really the one incurring the risk, and selfishly use that process to jumpstart my own move to going back to doing something i like. Currently i work 5 days a week, tethered to an analog phone at a desk in an office, dont take lunch, work 45-50 hours a week, mainly answering phones, taking payments, doing quotes, servicing accounts, selling, marketing, paying bills, payroll, making less than ive ever made and i still feel terrible because i make more than anyone else there. We pay well for a small town but its so hard to make ends meet still. I will absolutely need to transition myself out by hiring and training, my dads sister works there already and i will turnover most of the financials to her. I have a degree in business/ marketing from the University of Texas-i wasnt made to be locked in an office in the middle of nowhere struggling to make ends meet. I say that but i can pay my bills and provide for my kids-im just used to doing better for us. I always have before, im tired of feeling defeated and ive made myself a plan, broken it down into bitesized pieces and implemented it. Three months. Finished house. Career change with a comfortable backlog. Body in stellar shape. Happy. All. Around. Gosh im sorty for the long post, but thank you so much for spurring the breakdown of it for me. Everytime i lay it out like that it gets clearer and clearer.

      January 10, 2016
      1. juls

        I mean ive gone through like every other possible thing i could do, ideally i’d like to own a little retail shop with cool cutesy stuff but you know what—if i start having more free time and more money i can spend more time in cutesy little shops other people dedicate their entire existences to be tethered to. Instead-i am going to be the driving force that brings commerce to my home town. I brought a huge company to the box store next door to my dads office building that will add 50 jobs. I’ll just keep doing that

        January 10, 2016
  4. FeivMinutes

    I think it sounds like a great venture that could let you also exercise your creativity. If the foreclosed homes take a little longer than you expected to get to the point that you would rent them, don’t get discouraged. It is still a good plan. There are no right or wrong choices…just choices. If something doesn’t work, just shift it a bit and carry on.

    January 23, 2016
  5. taylasorell

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    June 25, 2016