Ask and ye shall receive.

A while back, on my old blog I wrote about how I was reading this sciency style book called "E squared". 

The premise behind it is sort of hokey, although I totally believe in it--I can see where some people would be dismissive.

In the book the author proposes experiments in which you tell the 'universe' although that's not what she calls it she calls it the EP, point is that you tell it exactly what you want and you give it a deadline.  I choose to replace all the references to the EP or universe as God but to each their own

The basic premise is that God/the universe/the EP wants you to have blessings, it's nothing to him to bless you with whatever it is you want or need, you just have to want or need it bad enough that you EXPECT the blessing.  Not hope, not wish, not barter or plead, just EXPECT. 

The first experiment I did was that I asked for a blessing by Friday at 5:00pm which was a week from the time that I started the exercise.  That was the excercise, nothing specific, just ask for a blessing. 

Friday rolled around and while some pretty ok things had happened in the week, there was not really anything I'd consider a blessing. (Gosh I know that sounds super bratty, I mean I did wake up each morning, have food in my belly, a roof over my head, my sweet children with me, my family...and on and on but in the interest of the experiment I was looking for something outside of my regular blessings) 

4:55 Friday afternoon rolled around and I thought 'What a bunch of boloney' and decided that would be the last 'experiment' I tried. 

At 4:57 I got a phone call.   It was my biggest client telling me that he had just remembered that he needed to add something to one of his policies and that it was urgent as he'd be picking the thing up over the weekend but that he didn't have the specific details and he needed me to stay and wait for the information from him. 

At 4:57 on a Friday the prospect of having to write a new policy as that would likely be what 'adding' said equipment would entail was deflating.  I knew I was looking at 7 pm before I was home with my kids who were home alone at the time.  (They're 13 and 12, have cell phones and I work less than 5 minutes from home...but still it makes me nervous). 

I was bummed.  Really bummed. 

At 5:00 on the dot he called back and said 'nevermind', that he wasn't able to get in touch with the seller as his office was already closed for the day and that he would just have to worry about it the following week. 

What a blessing I thought as I hung up the phone.  As if someone had just handed me two of the best hours that I wasn't going to have. 

It turns out God or the universe or whatever you want to refer to it as has a sense of humor. 

One of the following experiments was to be more specific.  To give an exact specific thing and deadline but it said to be careful because it had to be something you 'believed' could happen.  For example if you asked for a billion dollars but didn't believe that was possible there was no way it was happening.

I chose 10 thousand dollars, at the time there was this laser metal cutting thing I wanted to buy because I wanted to start a sign business.  It is no longer for sale unfortunately but I thought it would be so cool and I wanted it so bad that I asked for the 10 thousand extra dollars to buy it.

I just got a check in the mail for 7 thousand dollars for my property management of a vacant building here in town, it's for the last six months of sending them property reports but it's still money I wasn't expecting and also my ex's accountant emailed me and said that he'd refiled all of our old tax returns and it turns out I'm getting $2800 back.  Weird huh?  The deadline's less than a week away and up until this point I've gotten nothing then...wham! 

So today I talked out loud with God.  I asked God for guidance on finding my passion and I repeatedly asked throughout the day that I be shown what my life's true work should be. 

I have a job, understand that I know I'm blessed to have employment.  I've owned businesses that have fulfilled me.  I just want that thing that sets me on fire.  I am not destitute, I know how blessed I am already, it's not that I'm ungrateful...I just want to be passionate about what I do again.  So I'm holding out for the inspired thing.

Since I've been so blessed at Christmas I want to do something to bless someone else.  I want to find a family to help that could use it right now and check off their Christmas lists and fill their fridge.  I'm also giving the food pantry here in town a big box full of gift cards to Walmart anonymously (our Walmart has a grocery in it).  I'm not telling you for the praise, I'm telling you so that you know that I know I was given this blessing for a reason.


As for my next request...I know it will come.  I expect it:)






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  2. juls

    Also, I do realize how craaaaazy this sounds. There is a client that comes in to the office regularly. She’s seriously lost over 100 pounds and for the first time in her life (she’s 37) all of the sudden she’s attractive to men. Apparently she ‘expects’ to be married on March 19th. No idea to whom. No man in the picture at all and yet she’s preparing for a wedding. Seriously, she bought a dress and she’s working on centerpieces and sending out save the dates. For real. I mean, I like her. I think she’s nice and funny and inspiring and INSANE. What does that say about me? Society? That someone who expects something good to happen to them is nuts. Bad Juls. Shame on me for thinking that about her. Sending in my RSVP with the ‘yes’ box checked today-I’m sure she’ll find someone to marry her and either way there’ll be cake.

    December 17, 2015
  3. juls

    And I just found out that I have $1100 in unclaimed money from a car accident a few years ago and $500 from a friend paying me back unexpectedly. Thank you God, universe, EP whatever or whoever is on my side. Joy vibes headed your way.

    December 22, 2015
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  5. caitlinwoolcock

    Well, this quote remind me of the God. because He wants us to ask him the things we need and he will give us all the blessing we need. As it is said in writing services he is the only one and true creator so we should ask him.

    August 04, 2016