Stock and Shine

Good morning friends. 

Today is a great day and my new blog is a great way to get my day going.

I am ready to follow my dreams.  Thank you God that it so nice to say!  It's been a long journey to get here and I can tell you with unqualified and resounding certainty that I am ready.  I've done the work, I've made the sacrifice, I've stood strong when I had no reason to stay standing at all.  It's my time. 

Do you know how I know this?  I am starting to shine again.  Seriously, a sparkle in my eyes and a glow in my skin.  I'm happier, healthier, and in a better place than I've been in a long time.

I have followed my dreams before to wonderful success.  If you want to know what happened with those, you can find the answers in my old blog, but the point is that I know it can be done because I've done it.

I would love to think that you're out there following your dreams right alongside of me.  Elbow to elbow, doing the work to get exactly what we want. 

There are so many things that I could do, so many things I'm interested in, I just need to narrow it down to one.  This can get a bit discouraging because there are so many ideas floating around in my head.  Which one do I choose?

The trick for me right now, is finding the right ONE dream to follow.  I need to be OK with the fact that it might not be the end goal, maybe it won't be the dream I follow for the rest of my life, maybe I just need a demi-dream to be my vehicle to the big one. Something to get me there.  Maybe I haven't been shown my real true purpose yet.  I can only say that I am open and ready.  

I know what my big end dream is for now.  I want to turn my farmhouse right in the middle of downtown into a venue and host events there.  I want this with every fiber of my being but right this moment it isn't an option for two very important reasons.  1.  Money and 2. Time. 

I'm super limited on both of those as a single mom.  I need something that I can do to replace and hopefully even exceed my current income that will give me more time to work on getting the farmhouse to that point faster. 

I think that the key here is to first take stock of the strengths & talents that God gave me.  

(Please don't think I'm being conceited, this blog just isn't about 'poor me', it's about 'awesome me' so don't think that just because I'm not blogging about them I don't have flaws and problems, trust me I do--probably more than my fair share, I just choose not to give those any focus anymore). 

Here is an incomplete and off the cuff list of my strengths. 

1.  I have vision.  I can see how to make things better. When I shut my eyes I see the way I think things should be, whether it's a room or an outfit, or a business venture, I can visualize it without any outside input.  I am highly visual.

2.  I have great taste, my house, my clothes anything I really set my mind to that matters is well done. 

3.  People like me when I want them to.  I am likeable, I am brave, I am well spoken and educated. 

4.  I am highly creative.  I love creating, designing, decorating, plotting, planning.  

5.  I can dream something up in my mind and make it happen.  Usually, way later it becomes mainstream.  I'm dead serious.  This has happened numerous times in my life.  I don't think that I'm like a trendsetter necessarily, maybe it's more that I'm a tinge more perceptive and i pick up on hints of trends before they become full blown but it's a fact that I can be really original in making those things mine.  Hey, I bought a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere way before the Fixer Upper show made it 'the' thing to do. 

6.  I have a well defined sense of style and I flaunt it.  My thing is 'Modage'.  Modern-Vintage.  I did it when it wasn't cool.  I have a sleek couch next to a 250 year old armoire.  I love it.  It's how I dress, it's how I live, it's me.  I love old things and I think they just shine when they're next to something new and sleek.  That contrast is just yummy.

7.  I can share my vision with others and get them pumped up. It's easy too.  I sold the hell out of real estate because of this.  First I fall in love with whatever it is, then I don't even try to sell people on it, I just hang out with them and let them see how obsessed I am with it-then they want it.  I did it when I sold cars, I did it when I sold real estate, I did it when I started the property management company.  It works every single time.  When I started my last company I was so freaking pumped that 5 of my friends started their own companies within months because obsession is contagious.  Once my eyes are fixed, it's all I can see, all I want to do, all I talk about.  

There are more.  I'm just going to stop here because I need to get to a meeting and this post's already been sitting here for four hours getting cold. 

Taking stock at the beginning of any journey is super important.  You've got to know the tools you have at your disposal.  I know what I'm good at, I know what I'm not and soon I'll know where I'm headed.  

I hope you shine.  It's a real privelege to be able to feel this way again, let me tell you it's just the beginning and when it's full blown there aren't words to describe how amazing it feels.  I can only say it's what a star in the sky must feel like, light beaming from every single molecule.  I'm on my way. 

Have a great day and I hope you'll take stock of your strengths too.  It's envigorating. 





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Comments (5)

  1. wirelessguru1

    You are welcome.

    November 19, 2015
    1. This comment has been deleted
      1. This comment has been deleted
    2. juls

      Also, you know I was walking through Walmart the other day and I realized that a CASE of ramen noodles is less than 2 bucks. I bought ten cases, $20-not really even a sacrifice on my part and do you know that the lady at the really sad food pantry here in my little town south of nowhere almost cried when she saw me carry in two huge loads of food. I felt so bad, that I’d only done so very little and the way she was acting was like I’d saved a life. THIS is what feeling better does. It may not have been much but I know that at least 120 meals will fill the tummies of those that really need it. I’m so grateful to be feeling better, your help got me here and look what we’ve done with it so far. I’d say this is a great study for your ‘project’. Thank you!!!!

      November 19, 2015
      1. wirelessguru1

        I AM very proud of you.

        November 20, 2015
  2. gravyman35

    Good for you, Juls! You’re taking stock of the tools at your disposal. You know what you’re good at, and not good at. And you look and feel better. Looks like now its just a matter of what would you like to pursue? Go for it!

    November 20, 2015
  3. hanmaijo

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    June 27, 2016